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Clerical Services

Provides support services to the Agency, including the PWA Director, to promote efficiency, professionalism and responsiveness.  Services include: administrative services, outreach, citizen engagement, media relations, event management and other support to ensure Agency staff are able to accurately and effectively serve the citizens of Ventura County.

Fiscal Services

Supports the financial integrity and operational productivity of the Agency through accounts payable and receivable oversight; monitoring, analyzing and reporting of financial resources; and financial guidance. Fiscal Services is committed to serve the County and its constituents in a professional, timely and efficient manner and adhere to strict accounting standards mandated by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Health and Safety

Educates employees in identifying and mitigating hazards and trains employees to work with and around equipment to prevent injuries and illnesses at the work place. We are committed to promoting health and safety excellence in all aspects of our lives at work, at home and in our communities. We continually strive to improve our performance by looking at data and at the latest technology to create a safe work environment.

Human Resources

Provides personnel and payroll services to the 400 employees of the Public Works Agency. Staff ensures compliance with collective bargaining agreements, personnel rules and regulations, statutes and other state and federal requirements  including providing information, problem solving, benefit assistance, payroll processing, and recruitments. The division interacts with all employee levels and departments within the Agency, and is the first point of contact for potential new employees, new hires and incumbent employees.

Information Technology

Provides a wide-range of innovative technical solutions that align with the daily tasks and strategic objectives of the Public Works Agency. We serve the Agency, the County of Ventura, and members of the public by providing efficient, responsive, and cost-effective technology solutions for the operation and maintenance of Agency systems and services.
Provides real property acquisition, leasing, appraisal, utility relocation, and road vacation services; as well as administering the County Service Areas and County Franchise program.  We are committed to providing efficient, responsive, and cost-effective services while adhering to high ethical and legal standards of the right-of-way profession, and state and federal regulations governing the public acquisition of private property.

Strategic Management

Leads and supports the strategic planning and continuous process improvement initiatives. We are committed to a culture of innovation and excellence and seek to ensure our goals and objectives are in alignment with the County Strategic Plan, Economic Vitality Plan and General Plan. Services include: facilitating and reporting continuous process improvement events, staff training, conducting organizational assessments, and publishing outcomes and agency accomplishments.
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Central Services provides effective, proactive and responsibly managed administrative, financial, business, technological, real property, human resources, safety and training support services.

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