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Welcome to the County of Ventura Public Works Agency. The County of Ventura’s Public Works Agency prides itself on its ability to respond effectively to life-threatening emergencies and unforeseen natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods.  The Administration Division of Public Works Agency includes the Director of Public Works and his immediate staff. The Offices of the Public Works Director are located in the Central Services Department on the third floor of the Government Center at 800 South Victoria Avenue in Ventura.

The Public Works Agency (PWA) executive team routinely meets to review our accomplishments and our goals, always with the focus of meeting our Vision, Mission and Values.

PWA is Dedicated to Innovation and Excellence and has created strategic objectives and goals to achieve this end.

Our intent is to instill a culture of innovation and constant improvement within PWA. While our agency has always strived to deliver public services that meet or exceed the expectations of the citizens we serve, there are always opportunities to improve or refine our service delivery processes. Through innovation and resource stewardship we can continue to meet our goal of providing quality programs in a cost effective and efficient manner. As of July 2022, PWA has saved over $13 million as a result of process improvements!

Our challenge to all employees is – Become a change-maker and an advocate for improvement.