Bid Results and Subcontractor Lists

The Project Services Division (PSD) of Engineering Services manages the public bidding process for all Ventura County Public Works Agency projects.   Following Board of Supervisor Ordinance, PSD advertises bids, receives bids, opens and reads bids.  An abstract of bids is prepared to certify that the bids received were opened, read and have been checked.

Bid abstracts will be posted below typically 24-48 hours after opening.

Bid DateSpecification No.Project NameSupervisorial District
08/31/2021RD22-01Horizontal Curve Warning Signs - CountywideDist.# ALL
08/26/2021CP20-03Fillmore Library ExpansionDist. #3
08/17/2021RD22-02Pavement Resurfacing - Sulphur Mountain RoadDist. #1
08/12/2021RD22-03Pavement Resurfacing - Simi AreaDist. #4
8/10/2021WP21-07Newbury Park Drain No. 1 Downstream of Michael DriveDist. #2
6/24/2021WP22-01Arroyo Simi SD Repair Upstream of Madera RdDist. #4
06/22/2021RD21-10Pavement Resurfacing - Lewis RoadDist. #2 & #3
06/10/2021CP21-06APCD Site ImprovementsDist. #1
05/11/2021RD21-09Pavement Resurfacing - El Rio AreaDist. #5
05/06/2021WW20-05Piru Treatment Plant UpgradeDist. #3
4/15/2021WP21-05Ferro Ditch Channel ImprovementsDist. #3
4/13/2021WP21-06(I)Matilija Creek Giant Reed RetreatmentDist. #1
04/01/2021WW21-02Coating and Repair - College 1 & 2 and Gabbert ReservoirsDist. #4
03/23/2021RD21-08Pavement Resurfacing - Lockwood Valley Area EastDist. #3
02/24/2021RD21-03Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration-Santa Ana Blvd Bridge ReplacementDist. #1
02/23/2021WW21-03Well No. 2 - Iron & Manganese FiltersDist. 2
01/12/2021RD21-01Rose Avenue Bike Lanes - Phase IDist. #5
12/17/2020CP21-03VCMC Fainer ImprovementsDist. 1
12/15/2020RD21-04Pavement Resurfacing - Black Canyon Road & Sylvan DriveDist. #4
12/02/2020RD21-07Pavement Resurfacing - Norway TractDist. #1
11/19/2020RD21-06Slope Repair - Yerba Buena Road @ MP 0.55 & Cotharin RoadDist. #2
11/03/2020RD21-05Pedestrian Crossing Improvements - CountywideDist. #1,2,3,4,5
10-29-2020WP21-03(I)Matilija Dam ERP – Santa Ana Bridge Vegetation RemovalDist. 1
10/15/2020WP21-01tšumaš Creek Improvements Hueneme Road To Upstream Of Jane DriveDist. 3
10/08/2020WW21-01(M)Zone II Booster Pump Station UpgradeDist. 2
09/24/2020WP20-11(I)Calle Salto Slope Stabilizer 2020Dist. 2
08/11/2020RD21-02(l) Drainage Improvements - Camulos Street & Goodenough RoadDist. #1,3
07/09/2020WP20-12Santa Rosa Road No 2. DB Decommissioning PlantingDist. 2
07/07/2020RD20-09Pavement Resurfacing - Las Posas EstatesDist. #3
06/02/2020RD20-07Rice Road Bike LanesDist. #1
05/21/2020WP20-10Santa Rosa Road No 2. DB Decommissioning PlantingDist. 2
05/12/2020RD20-08Calle Orinda Storm Drain RepairDist. #3
05/07/2020WP20-06Arroyo Simi Stablilizer RepairsDist. 4
04/15/2020WP20-08(I)Matilija Creek Giant Reed RetreatmentDist. 1
04/14/2020RD20-06Casitas Vista Road Bridge Replacement #327 & Culvert Replacement at MP 0.30Dist. #1
04/09/2020CP20-02VCMC Ronald McDonald Family RoomsDist. 1
03/24/2020RD20-05(l)Woolsey Fire 4407DR Guardrail ReplacementDist. #2
03/17/2020RD20-03Potrero Road Bike Lanes - Phase IIDist. #2
03/10/2020RD20-04Pleasant Valley Road Improvements - Addition of a Two-Way Left Turn LaneDist. #5
02/27/2020WW20-03(M)Coating & Repair -Bell Canyon Reservoir No. 2Dist. 2
02/20/2020WP20-05Santa Rosa Road No. 2 Debris Basin DecommissioningDist. 2
02/06/2020WW20-04(M)Coating & Repair - District 1 Reservoirs (5)Dist. 4
02/04/2020RD20-02Catalina Drive Bridge Replacement BR #384Dist. #1
01/30/2020RD20-01Casitas Vista Road Bike LaneDist. #1
01/14/2020RD19-03Pavement Resurfacing - Yerba Buena Road SouthDist. #2
12/20/2019WP19-11Oak Park Green Streets Urban Retrofit
11/21/2019CP19-02Ventura APCD Office Remodel
11/19/2019WP19-14(l)Franklin Barranca Maintenance 2019
11/7/2019CP20-01VCMC Underground Storage Tank Removal
07/30/2019RD19-02Potrero Road Bike Lanes - Phase I
6/26/2019CP12-06Ojai Fire Station No. 20
5/14/2019CP19-01VCMC Outpatient Pharmacy Remodel
04/18/2019WP19-09(l)Kadota Fig Maintenance Access Improvement
04/11/2019WP19-08(l)Matilija Creek Giant Reed Retreatment
04/02/2019WP19-07Piru Stormwater Capture for Groundwater Recharge Project
03/27/2019CP19-03(I)Solid Waste Disposal at Torrey Road
03/26/2019RD19-07 Pavement Resurfacing - Yerba Buena & Hidden Valley Areas
03/11/2019RD19-09(E)Yerba Buena Road MP 2.38 Emergency Culvert Replacement
01/31/2019RD19-05 Box Canyon Road
01/29/2019RD19-04Yerba Buena Guardrails
01/24/2019WP19-06Arroyo Conejo North Fork Upstream of Keats Avenue