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Ventura County Public Works Agency is proud to join public works agencies from across the nation and invite you to celebrate National Public Works Week. Our teams have put together a virtual curriculum to display some of what we do – from Earthquake preparation to the construction of local fire stations. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the latest innovations in technology and science at VCPWA and fully explore a range of public sector careers. Thank you for joining us!



Apply to be a Student Worker

If you are a student looking to get your foot in the door at Public Works, Central Services has you covered. This presentation features a full webpage walkthrough on how to apply to become a student worker as well as interviews from current student workers who will give you the motivation and inspiration to apply!

ENGINEERING SERVICES - Land Development Services

Soil Liquefaction

California is susceptible to earthquakes, which can lead to danger and damage, including soil liquefaction. Do you think your LEGOs could stay standing during an earthquake? Engineering Services Land Development and the County Surveyor’s office teamed up to talk about the hazard of soil liquefaction and demonstrate a few of the techniques they use to stay prepared.


Survey Monument

In this video, Larry Dibble from the County Surveyor’s Office takes you through the process of monument preservation, pointing out different survey monuments throughout Ventura County and what they represent. *Don’t try this at home* 


Setting a Well Monument

Did you know survey well monuments are a permanent marker set by a land surveyor to mark or reference a point on a property or landline? They run down the center of many streets in our community – keep an eye out next time you’re outside. This video will show you how the County installs and sets a Well Monument.


How to Make a Building

Yep, Public Works helps make buildings too, including hospitals and firestations! This video shows you examples of the various aspects of building construction, and how the Engineering Services department takes a project from plans to reality.

Resources: Catapult Challenge  

Roads & Transportation

A Day in the Life – Operations & Maintenance

Have you ever wondered why our roads ranked as one of the highest in the entire state of California? It’s all thanks to our help Operations and Maintenance crew. They help keep our streets in a safe clean driveable condition every day. Let us show you a small glipse into a typical day in the life of a Roads & Transportation – Operations and Maintenance.

Road & Transportation

Red Light, Green Light

In an intersection, do you know what determines which lights turn green and when? Traffic loops are coiled wires in the roadway that control and operate the effective, efficient and safe passage of traffic. How? They detect the presence of vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles at signalized intersections and have the ability to extend signal phasing to maximize green times for particular motorized movements. This presentation by Roads & Transportation captures the who, what, when, where, why, and how this process works!

Roads & Transportation

Pavement Management Program

Roads & Transportation’s priorities are the preservation of infrastructure and public safety – ensuring that our roads are safe for use. The content of this video teaches you about the Pavement Management Program, showing the process and technology of how County maintained roads are inspected and evaluated.

WATER & Sanitation

Ventura County Waterworks – Leak Detection

VCPWA’s Water and Sanitation works to provide uninterruptible high-quality water, reduce waste, prevent pollution and promote sustainable management of materials within the unincorporated communities of Ventura County. This video shows how Ventura County Waterworks uses the Correlator, a computerized component that pinpoints the exact position of a leak, to both identify water leaks and make system improvements.

Water & Sanitation - IWMD

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those hazardous waste and electronic waste items that residents bring to our facility? Join us for a tour of the Pollution Prevention Center where residents of the unincorporated area and the cities of Ojai, Santa Paula and Fillmore can responsibly dispose of their unwanted household hazardous waste and electronic waste.

Water & Sanitation - IWMD

Water Reclamation Facility Tour

Reclaimed water, also called recycled water, is wastewater that has been treated so that it can be used again for a variety of purposes. Let Ventura County Waterworks staff show you the process on a virtual tour of the Waste Water Reclamation Facility in Moorpark, CA.

Watershed Protection

Monarch Butterfly Enhancement Project

The Western Monarch butterfly population has lost more than 90% of its population since the 1980’s due to habitat loss, loss of native nectar sources, and climate change. To help combat the decline of the Western Monarch butterfly population, Ventura County Watershed has teamed up with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to enhance native pollinator habitat and improve Western Monarch butterfly overwintering and breeding sites within Ventura County.


Family Flood Preparedness

Being prepared helps keep us all safe. Public Works helps keep our community safe not only for disasters, but at home too! Here is a light-hearted reminder of how to be prepared for possible flooding in Ventura County, plus helpful links with tips on how to keep your family safer today.

Resources: Flood Risk Resources

Flood Preparedness Coloring Book: EnglishSpanish 



A Day in the Life of an Inspector – Part I: Field Day

Join Inspector Will Randall and Student Worker Andrew Garcia on a field visit to an active construction site for the Tsumas Creek Channel Improvements Project. Interested in becoming a Student Worker with the Ventura County Public Works Agency? See the link below to watch a step-by-step video from our Central Services Department on how to apply to become a part of our team.


A Day in the Life of an Inspector – Part II: Batch Plant Visit

Ever wondered how concrete becomes concrete? Join Inspector Will Randall on his visit to a batch plant to see the concrete creating process from beginning to end!


A Day in the Life of an Inspector – Part III: Cement Pouring and Slump Testing

Cement needs to have just the right amount of moisture to create long-lasting, sustainable concrete, so how do we test it? Inspector Will Randall demonstrates the process of cement pouring and conducting slump tests on a live construction site.


The Piru Stormwater Capture for Groundwater Recharge Project

Did you know our Watershed Protection District connected the County storm drain system and United Water Conservation District water infiltration basin to capture stormwater for groundwater recharge?
In short, this means that before water enters the infiltration basin, it is filtered and cleaned in a hydrodynamic separator. Everything that stormwater picks up in Piru streets ends up in the separator and is removed for a proper disposal to keep Piru Creek clean! We’ve discovered a variety of things so far, including hundreds of plastic eggs after Easter egg hunts and disposable plastic bottles, which is why its important to throw away your trash and recycle!


The Casitas Springs Fresno Canyon Diversion Project

One of VCPWA’s Watershed Protection District main responsibilities is to provide for the control and conservation of flood and stormwater. One of their latest projects is working to reduce repeated flooding in the Casitas Springs community and State Route 33 by constructing a new 1,500 square foot storm drain facility, the Fresno Canyon Diversion. This video shows you the step by step process of the project, including the installation of a 9-foot reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) from Fresno Canyon under State Route 33 to the Ventura River for conveying stormwater, debris and sediment.


Real Estate in PWA

The Real Estate Services provides professional real estate services to VCPWA’s Roads & Transportation, Watershed Protection, Water and Sanitation, as well as other county and local government agencies.


Work at the County of Ventura

Interested in a career with Public Works? We hope that after watching our agency director and some of our employees talk about their jobs and why they enjoy working here, you’ll be inspired to look further into joining our team and making a difference in the quality of life in Ventura County.



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