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Applications for Certificates of Compliance, Certificates of Correction, and Applications for tract map and parcel map numbers,

Can be mailed to:
County of Ventura
Ventura County Surveyor’s Office
Public Works Agency
800 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura CA 93009-1670

Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Record of Survey, Corner Records submittals and rechecks

Can be mailed to:
County of Ventura
Ventura County Surveyor’s Office
Public Works Agency
800 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura CA 93009-1670

The County Surveyor’s Office is responsible for review and approval of maps, legal descriptions and exhibits which are required to be submitted by Professional Land Surveyors, or Professional Engineers authorized to practice land surveying.

Our public counter is open and available to the public for land survey records research.

Public Counter Hours

Surveyor’s Office public counter hours are 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m..

Public Counter:  (805) 654-2068
Subdivision Map Checking: Debbie Naves: (805) 654-2942
County Surveyor, Dan Walsh: (805) 654-2089
Fax: (805) 477-7241

Location (Map)
800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93009-1670
Hall of Administration, 3rd Floor, L1601 (

Certificate of Compliance Application/Requirements/Reimbursement Agreement
A Certificate of Compliance may be issued when a property is determined to be a single, discrete lot or parcel existing in compliance with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and local ordinances enacted pursuant thereto.

Certificate of Correction Reimbursement Agreement
A Certificate of Correction is used by a land surveyor to correct a recorded parcel map, tract map, or record of survey.

Certificate of Correction Form
This form is provided for use as a Certificate of Correction template for those who might find it helpful.  The use of this specific form is not required.

Corner Record
This form is used by a land surveyor, in accordance with Business and Professions Code Sections 8765-8771, to reset a missing property corner or “tie out” survey monuments prior to, and “replace” them after destruction by construction.

Tract Map/Parcel Map Checklist
This is a checklist of fees and documents required for the initial submittal of a Tract Map or Parcel Map.

Issuance of Tract and Parcel Map Number (PW-66)
If a project requires a parcel map in the unincorporated territory of the county, or a tract map anywhere in the county, the owner uses this form to request a map number to be assigned and reserved for the project. For city parcel maps, contact that city’s Public Works Department.

The County Surveyor’s Office has provided a link to the following informational websites that may be helpful to you:

Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors – Consumer Guide
Designed to help consumers who may need the services of an engineer or land surveyor.


The Office of the County Surveyor collects fees and deposits for reviewing and processing subdivision maps, survey maps and document examinations, and other services . Please contact the Office of the County Surveyor to determine which fees and deposits will apply to your project.

General Information Related to Land Subdivision:Tract and Parcel Map Number Issuance We issue Tract Numbers for the entire county, and Parcel Map Numbers for unincorporated areas and for the City of Santa Paula.  A form for number issuance can be downloaded here.  For Parcel Maps in other cities, obtain the number from the city.Map Check Status and Recorded Map Access Copies of recorded Tract Maps and Parcel Maps are available at our Public Counter and/or online (see the “Research Land Records Online” tab below). If you currently have a map submitted to our office for checking and would like to check the status, feel free to contact us or go online to check the status of your project using Ventura County’s Citizen Access web application.Lot Subdivision and the Discretionary Permit ProcessIf you are interested in pursuing the subdivision of a lot you will need to apply for a Discretionary Permit.  For more information and instruction on the Discretionary Permit process you will need to visit Ventura County’s One-Stop Permitting Website.

The Ventura County Surveyor’s Office issues certificates of compliance in accordance with Section 66499.35 of the Subdivision Map Act.  A certificate of compliance is a formal determination of parcel status and will be readily granted on a legal parcel, and on an illegal parcel pending fulfillment of certain criteria.  For more information feel free to contact the County Surveyor’s Office.

Certificate of Compliance Application/Requirements/Reimbursement Agreement

The Ventura County Surveyor’s Office is responsible for checking Subdivision Maps (Tract Maps and Parcel Maps) within the unincorporated areas of Ventura County. We also check Records of Survey and Corner Records within both unincorporated territory and all incorporated cities.  A map check examines boundary determination, mapping standards, technical correctness, and compliance with state law and local ordinances. The Ventura County Surveyor’s Office also provides Subdivision Map Checking Services for the following incorporated cities within the county: Camarillo, Fillmore, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, San Buenaventura, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks.

You can search for, view and download land survey records using County View.
Ventura County’s web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) application provided by the County’s GIS Division.

The following land survey records are available for research and download through County View:

Centerline Tie Sheets
Corner Records – CR
County Surveyor Records – CSR (NEW!)
Miscellaneous Records – MR (including Tract Maps)
Parcel Maps – PM
Records of Survey – RS
State Highway Maps – SH (NEW!)

Subdivision Maps Polygons (NEW!)
Unrecorded Maps – UM

General instructions for using County View to research land survey records can be viewed and downloaded here.

The County Surveyor’s Office intends to make more land survey records available through County View in the future, but has no specific time frame for additions.

If you should find errors related to land survey record locations or have difficulties viewing or downloading records please feel free to contact us at

If you have other questions and/or technical issues with County View unrelated to land survey records please contact Ventura County’s Information Technology Services, GIS Division at You can also visit the GIS Division’s website here.

Other Records Available
You can view the Ventura County Field Book Index (Alphabetized PDFs) (Updated 8/18/2016) for additional information.