George Andrade is the manager of the Real Estate Services Division, which consists of Franchise Administration, County Area Administration, Utility Relocation, and Clearance and Information Inquiries. George invites your comments and questions and he can be contacted via email at

The Real Estate Services Division (RES) provides professional real estate services to the Ventura County Public Works Agency’s Transportation Department, Watershed Protection District, Water and Sanitation Department, as well as other county and local government agencies.  Our principal mission is to acquire property rights for public projects.

Our work includes:

  • Acquisition of real property rights in “fee” or “easement”.
  • Leasing of excess Public Works Agency controlled properties for agricultural, communications tower sites, and other purposes.
  • Processing of road/public service easement vacations (abandonment).
  • Sale of excess real property (under Public Works Agency control).
  • Utility coordination in connection with Public Works Agency projects.
  • Franchise Administration in the unincorporated areas, including cable television, oil and gas pipelines, wastewater pipelines, etc.
  • County Service Area (CSA) administration, including CSA 3 (Foster Park), CSA 4 (Oak Park), and CSA 14 (Countywide).

RES is not a regulatory agency, nor do we provide real estate advice to the general public.

If you are interested in how and why county government acquires property for public projects, please see our booklet: Acquisition of Private Property for Public Purposes.

We also have a booklet entitled Private Roads-Frequently Asked Questions that addresses the rights and obligations of property owners whose properties are served by private roads.

For more information, you may contact the Real Estate Services Division at (805) 654-2018.