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Engineering Services
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Consultant Submissions to Indicate Interest

Furnish Federal Standard Form 330 Part II entitled “Architect–Engineer Qualifications – General Qualifications”.

Enter California Professional Registration/License numbers of principals in box 1 of SF330 Part II. If more room is needed, attach a plain sheet with the names and registration numbers.

Sources of Information

The Consultant’s Guide to Ventura County Procedures contains more information on consultant contracting, Public Works Agency standards for preparing plans and specifications (PPPM sections are referenced in Appendix 2 of the Guide) and Consultant contract formats.

The Capital Projects Five-Year Program indicates the major projects planned.

Reference Documents (including PPPM) may be downloaded from this site.

Types of Consulting WorkConsultant are engaged for project planning & design, feasibility studies, environmental studies, record map checking, land development plan checking, inspection, project management, materials testing, land surveying, other types of civil, mechanical, electrical, traffic, structural, and geotechnical engineering work and other types of professional services required for Agency’s projects and Agency’s general activities.
 County Standard Drawing Sheets for use by consultants on design projects


Consultant Selection Criteria

  Basis Of Selection:

Qualifications considered:

1. A/E’s experience including specialized experience on type of work contemplated.

2. Capacity to do the work within the time required.

3. Performance on past work for the County and for others.

4. Quality of consultants to be employed by A/E.

5. Project architect or engineer to be assigned to the project.

6. Board Policy gives preference to firms maintaining offices in Ventura County, if capable

and available, except where state of federal grants prohibit this practice.

Evaluation of Qualifications:Professional qualifications forms are reviewed by the selection committee and three or more are selected for further consideration. The selection committee consists of Agency’s Project Manager and representatives of the using and funding departments or agencies.

The firms selected in the initial evaluation are interviewed either in their offices or at the County’s office. The top three firms are then listed in order of preference of the selection committee for approval the Director of Public Works Agency.   For smaller projects, the results of past interviews and evaluation of past performance on County work may substitute for current interviews.

Selection:The Director of Public Works either approves the selection or refers it back to the selection committee with his comments or questions.
Negotiation of Scope & Fees:After selection is approved, a proposal is requested from the top ranked firm. A detailed personnel time budget is requested.   This is compared with a separate estimate prepared by the County’s Project Manager. Negotiating sessions are held to iron out discrepancies between the two. If this cannot be accomplished, negotiations are broken off and the second ranked firm is asked for a proposal.

Annual Contracts:

Annual contracts are generally used for supporting services. Annual contracts do not guarantee the County will use the consultant during the year, nor do they guarantee the consultant will take any assignment that the County offers.

Each fiscal year, the County enters in to consulting services contracts with a selected group of consultants in a variety of disciplines for which the Agency is expected to need services several times. Consultants desiring to be considered for an annual contract should contact the Director – Engineering Services Department during the month of March.

A/E Performance Evaluation:

Each Agency Project Manager having contract with the A/E during the project is asked to prepare a confidential performance report form.   These are sent to the Director of Public Works Agency and the Director, Engineering Services Department. The latter may invite the A/E to discuss adverse comments.