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VENTURA COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 4590 – The Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance 4590 on December 7, 2021.

This amended County ordinance code regulates solid waste collection, disposal, and recycling within the unincorporated areas of the County, as required by state Assembly Bills 939, 341, and 1826, and Senate Bill 1383.


VENTURA COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 4156 – The Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance 4156 on December 9, 1997. Effective July 1, 2004, the current CIWMP Fee is $0.05 per ton.

This ordinance code provides for the assessment and collection of the County Integrated Waste Management Plan Fee (CIWMP Fee). The CIWMP fee was established to defray the costs associated with the preparation, adoption and implementation of regional integrated waste management plans for both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Ventura County.

The fee is paid by city and County solid waste collectors on all Ventura County solid waste disposed at landfills inside and outside the county. It is also paid by in-county solid waste facilities on waste brought in by self-hauls and disposed waste originating outside the county.

STATE ASSEMBLY BILL NO. 341 (AB 341): Enacted July 1, 2012 to help the state achieve its goal of diverting 75% of solid waste from California landfills.

AB 341 requires recycling by all businesses and non-residential properties generating four (4) or more cubic yards of solid waste per week and multi-family dwellings of five (5) or more units. The law also requires every jurisdiction, including the County of Ventura, to ensure such recycling programs are implemented and maintained on an ongoing basis.


STATE ASSEMBLY BILL NO. 1826 (AB 1826): Enacted April 1, 2016 in an ongoing state effort to divert 75% of solid waste from California landfills.

AB 1826 requires businesses, including commercial or public entities such as schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, industrial businesses, for profit or non-profit organizations, multi-family dwellings with five (5) or more units and others, to recycle their organic waste, based on the amount and type of waste the business produces on a weekly basis, with full implementation realized by 2019.


STATE SENATE BILL NO. 1383 (SB 1383) Short-Lived Climate Pollutant (SLCP) Reduction Strategy: Enacted September 19, 2016 in an ongoing statewide effort to reduce disposal of organic waste by 75% from California landfills by 2025.

SB 1383 requires all residents and businesses to responsibly manage their organic waste (inclusive of all food waste, and for businesses, edible food recovery efforts).  Implementation of this law takes effect January 1, 2022.

Residential Agreements & Rates


Residential Agreement Amendments

Residential Agreement Amendments including new state organic requirements under Senate Bill 1383 were approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 8, 2022.



Residential Agreements & Rates (Beginning January 1, 2024)



Ventura County Collection Rates*

* All Ventura County City rates are for informational purposes only. The County of Ventura does not set any of the City rates and all inquiries should be directed to the respective City.



Director’s List of Residential Recyclables

Pursuant to Ventura County Ordinance 4590, Section 4770-1.1, the Public Works Agency Director shall develop, maintain, publish and update as appropriate, in consultation with contract collectors and other diversion industry representatives, a list of recyclables generated by residential customers.

Director’s List of Residential Recyclables

Lista del Director de Residencial Reciclables

Commercial Solid Waste Collection Agreement & Rates

Currently, 12 solid waste collection companies provide collection service for all commercial customers within the unincorporated area (UA) of Ventura County.  By contract, each of these companies has the non-exclusive right to serve any business within the UA (Commercial Solid Waste Collection Agreement).


2023 Commercial Rates | J & L Hauling & Disposal, Inc., Marborg Industries, Inc., Mountainside Disposal, Inc. & Peach Hill Soils, Inc

2023 Commercial Rates | E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc., G.I. Industries, Newbury Disposal Company & American Resource Recovery, Inc., Santa Clara Valley Disposal Company


Commercial Agreement Amendments

Commercial Agreement Amendments including new state organic requirements under Senate Bill 1383 were approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 8, 2022.



Solid Waste Collectors

The following companies are the only solid waste collectors maintaining either residential or commercial franchise service agreements with the County of Ventura:

• American Resource Recovery, Inc. | (805) 247-9155 | www.ejharrison.com

• E. J. Harrison & Sons, Inc. | (805) 647-1414 | www.ejharrison.com

• G. I. Industries, Inc. (Waste Management) | (805) 522-9400 | www.wm.com

• J & L Hauling & Disposal, Inc. | (888) 565-4634 | www.jldisposal.com

• Marborg Industries | (805) 963-1852 | www.marborg.com

• Mountainside Disposal, Inc. | (661) 831-2837

• Newbury Disposal Company | (805) 647-1414 | www.ejharrison.com

• Peach Hills Soils | (805) 529-6164 | www.peachhillsoils.com

• Santa Clara Valley Disposal Company | (805) 647-1414 | www.ejharrison.com



Director’s List of Commercial Recyclables

Director’s List of Commercial Recyclables

Lista del Director de Commercial Reciclables


Approved SB1383-Compliant Solid Waste Ordinance

The ordinance repeals and reenacts Division 4, Chapter 7, Article 3 of the Ventura County Ordinance Code Pertaining to Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Waste Reduction and Waste Diversion Programs for Unincorporated Areas. The ordinance becomes operative on January 1, 2022.

In accordance with SB1383 mandates, the ordinance includes requirements for residents, businesses, institutions, solid waste companies and food recovery organizations relating to edible food recovery, outreach and education, inspection and enforcement, and reporting. Fines may be levied by the state against the County of Ventura for failing to enforce the SB 1383-compliant ordinance.

Board Letter, Exhibit 1: Ordinance, and Exhibit 2: Ordinance (Legislative Version)


Capacity Studies

Capacity planning is vital to help the County of Ventura meet SB 1383 mandates, as infrastructure takes time to develop. SB 1383 requires the County to work in partnership with local cities and special districts to prepare two studies: an Edible Food Waste Capacity Study and an Organic Waste Recycling Capacity Study.

The County of Ventura has contracted with Abound Food Care/One OC to prepare the County’s Edible Food Waste Capacity Study.


Green Procurement Policy

Beginning January 1, 2022, SB 1383 requires cities and counties to procure annually a quantity of recovered organic waste products. These procurement requirements are intended to strengthen California’s green, self-sustaining economy. Demand for these products will drive infrastructure investment and create new green collar jobs in the state.

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