All applications and re-submittals will be made online via or emailing the documents to Please contact our division about procedures at or call (805) 654-3027.


A temporary stockpile permit is only active for 1 year and has restrictions on the stockpile of a slope of 3 units horizontal to 1 unit vertical or flatter and a height of 8ft.

The stockpile permit process starts like all grading permits by submitting an application with supporting documentation, site plan, and making the temporary stockpile permit deposit. Once the application and documentation have been found acceptable the stockpile permit will be issued. Before you can begin making your stockpile permit you will need to hold a pre-construction meeting with the county inspection, owner/owner representative, contractor, and stormwater representative.

  • LDS-01 – Grading permit application for all types of grading permits. Permit Form/application.
  • LDS-03 – Authorization of agent. Document authorizing the agent to manage the plan check process on the owners behalf.
  • LDS-04 – Acknowledgement of employment of consultants An owner acknowledgment regarding employment of consultants.
  • LDS-06, Stormwater Permit Req’s for New & Re-Development. Questionnaire regarding Best Management Practices Post Construction.
  • LDS-07, Stormwater Permit Req’s for Construction Activities. Questionnaire regarding Best Management Practices during Construction.
  • Stormwater Quality form(s):SW-1SW-2SW-HR. Select and complete stormwater forms applicable to project.
  • LDS-11 – Consent to off-site construction. Sample Off-site Construction Permission Letter. Required if work limits is performed outside property lines. Modify to fit your project specific needs.

Grading Permits can be applied for online through the Ventura County citizen Access website at You can also submit your grading permit application documents to our group email PWA_LDServices@ventura.og.

Fees and Deposits are set each year by the County Board of Supervisors and can found at this location (Schedule of Fees and Deposits)

Stockpile permits are not for the purposes of constructing any structures, therefore a Rough Grade Clearance cannot be issued under this permit.

A change order is needed after your permit has been issued when making changes to your approved grading plans. To request a change to your grading plan submit a completed change order form LDS-12, and a copy of the sheet(s) to be changed.

  • LDS-12 – Change Order Request

To close out a temporary stockpile permit, the stockpile needs to be removed and the area returned to it previous condition prior to final site inspection by PWA Inspector.