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Scheduled Completion Date:

The new Ventura County Todd Road Jail Health and Programing Unit will be built on a site adjacent to the existing Ventura County Todd Road Jail facility. The 64 bed expansion offers a more holistic approach to treatment for those inmate-patients with medical/mental health needs. The facility will have a dedicated clinic, located adjacent to housing, that includes both medical and dental exam and associated staff support.

The primary focus is treatment in a therapeutic health care environment with a custody overlay. Security staff will be present to ensure safety of staff and inmate patients and will work in partnership with Medical and Mental health care staff providing treatment and services at the housing unit. Increased programming space will be provided to allow treatment staff to implement programs for the specific needs of medical/mental health inmate-patients with a continuum of care not only within the facility but through release.

The expansion of programming space will allow the County to provide more evidence-based programs and cognitive behavioral therapy to the medical/mental health population in a physical layout that is secure and safe for both staff and inmates. The goal is to reduce recidivism by providing the best possible evidence-based programs and treatment that will allow inmate-patients to flourish once they re-enter the community.

Programming and recreation will be provided in treatment space inside the living units, with medical and mental health office spaces contiguous to the living units and a separate medical / mental health staff space on the second level. Visitation will be done by a combination of video at each dayroom and centralized non-contact visitation.

The County of Ventura has determined that it will award the contract for this project to the Design Build team of Sletten Construction Company-HDR at the September 18, 2018, Board of Supervisors meeting.  The Notice of Intent to Award (NOA) is available by clicking here.

The Non-Mandatory Pre-Statement of Qualifications Meeting was held on January 31, 2018, at the Ventura County Government Center, HOA.  The sign-in sheets from this meeting are available in the following link. TRJ-HPU Pre-SOQ Meeting Sign-in Sheets
The following 3 drawing sheets were requested at the Pre-SOQ Meeting: TRJ-HPU Floor Plans and ElevationsTRJ-HPU Site Boundaries, and TRJ-HPU Site Utilities .
Prior to submitting an SOQ, review the following studies and the Final Application for BSCC Construction Financing Program proposal in the links below: