WWD19 – Public Meetings

Date of MeetingFile Addendum 
09/23/2021WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
08/26/2021WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
06/17/2021WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
04/15/2021WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
04/13/2021Financial Planning Committee Agenda
02/25/2021WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
01/21/2021Special WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
12/17/2020Notice of Cancellation
10/29/2020Special WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
10/15/2020Notice of Cancellation
10/01/2020Special WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
09/17/2020Special WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
08/20/2020WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
07/08/2020Notice of Cancellation
06/18/2020WWD19 CAC Agenda Packet
05/20/2020Special WWD19 Agenda Packet
05/01/2020Special WWD19 Agenda Packet
05/01/2020 Director's Item - PowerPoint Presentation
04/16/2020Notice of Cancellation
02/28/2020Financial Analysis - Well 2 Funded - No Future Capital Projects Funded - 5% Rate Increase FY 2021
02/28/2020Financial Analysis - Well 2 and Future Capital Projects Funded - 6% Rate Increase FY 2021
02/28/2020Financial Analysis - Well 2 and Future Capital Projects Funded - Original Proposed 9% Rate and 12% Rate FY 2021
02/28/2020Las Posas Basin Overall GIS System Map
02/28/2020Somis Pipe Age - Heat Map
02/28/2020Special WWD19 Agenda Pack
02/28/2020Special WWD19 Financial Reports
02/28/20202019 Somis Sanitary Survey Report
01/20/2020Notice of Cancellation
12/19/2019WWD19 Pipe Replacement Map
12/19/2019WWD19 Labor Distribution Report
12/19/2019WWD19 Agenda Packet
12/19/2019WWD19 Financial Reports
10/17/2019WWD 19 Agenda Packet
10/17/2019WWD19 Financial Reports
10/17/2019WWD19 Budget Factors Presentation
10/17/2019WWD19 Rate Model Reports
10/17/2019WWD19 Water Production Reports
10/17/2019WWD19 Tab Guide Budget Analysis FY20
10/17/2019WWD19 Budget Analysis FY20 (format xls)
09/20/2019WWD19 Meeting Agenda Packet
09/20/2019WWD19 Water Rate Analysis Presentation