District County No. Water Purveyors Status
Calleguas CAL-001 Academy Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-002 Arroyo Las Posas Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-003 Balcom Bixby Mutual Water Association
Calleguas CAL-004 Berylwood Heights Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-005 Brandeis-Bardin Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-006 Conejo Trailer Park
Calleguas CAL-007 California Water Service Company – Westlake UWMP
Calleguas CAL-008 California American Water UWMP
Calleguas CAL-009 Calleguas Mutual Water District UWMP
Calleguas CAL-011 Camarosa Water District UWMP
Calleguas CAL-012 City of Camarillo UWMP
Calleguas CAL-013 City of Oxnard UWMP
Calleguas CAL-014 City of Thousand Oaks UWMP
Calleguas CAL-015 Crestview Mutual Water Company PWA Approved
Calleguas CAL-016 Del Note Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-017 Epworth Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-019 Foxfield Riding Club
Calleguas CAL-020 Fuller Falls Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-022 Sunshine Ranch
Calleguas CAL-023 La Loma Ranch Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-024 VCWD No. 38- Lake Sherwood Service District PWA Approved
Calleguas CAL-025 Las Lomas Water System
Calleguas CAL-026 Mesa Water Company
Calleguas CAL-027 Oak Park Water Service UWMP
Calleguas CAL-028 Oxnard Union High School District
Calleguas CAL-029 Pleasant Valley Mutual Water Company PWA Approved
Calleguas CAL-030 Rancho Canada Water Company
Calleguas CAL-031 Tom Grether Farms, Inc.
Calleguas CAL-035 Golden State Water Co – Simi Valley UWMP
Calleguas CAL-036 Thermic Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-038 VCWD No. 1 – Moorpark UWMP
Calleguas CAL-039 VCWD No. 8 – Simi Valley UWMP
Calleguas CAL-040 VCWD No. 17 – Bell Canyon PWA Approved
Calleguas CAL-041 VCWD No. 19 – Somis PWA Approved
Calleguas CAL-042 Water Roads Users Group
Calleguas CAL-044 Zone Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-179 Butler Ranch Mutual Water Company
Calleguas CAL-190 Balcom Canyon Water Well In Review
Calleguas CAL-195 El Campeon Ranch
Calleguas CAL-196 Commancia Ranch
Casitas CAS-046 Casitas Municipal Water District UWMP
Casitas CAS-047 Casitas Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-048 City of San Buenaventura UWMP
Casitas CAS-049 Dennison Park Water System
Casitas CAS-051 Gridley Road Water Group
Casitas CAS-052 Hermitage Mutual Water Company In Review
Casitas CAS-053 Krotona Institute of Theosophy
Casitas CAS-054 Meiners Oaks Community Water District PWA Approved
Casitas CAS-056 North Fork Springs Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-057 Ojala
Casitas CAS-058 Old Creek Croad Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-059 Oviatt Water Association
Casitas CAS-060 Rancho del Cielo Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-061 Rancho Matilija Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-062 Rincon Water and Roadworks
Casitas CAS-063 Ojai Water Conservation District
Casitas CAS-064 Senior Canyon Mutual Water Company PWA Approved
Casitas CAS-065 Sheriff’s Honor Farm
Casitas CAS-066 Siete Robles Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-067 Sisar Mutual Water Company PWA Approved Pending Infrastructrure Improvements
Casitas CAS-068 Golden State Water Co – Ojai UWMP
Casitas CAS-069 Sulphur Mountain Road Water Association
Casitas CAS-070 Tico Mutual Water Company
Casitas CAS-071 Tres Condados
Casitas CAS-072 Ventura River Water District PWA Approved
Casitas CAS-073 Villanova Road Water Well Association
United U-074 Aliso Mutual Water Company
United U-075 Alta Mutual Water Company
United U-076 Beedy Street Well
United U-079 Brownstone Mutual Water Company
United U-080 Camarillo Airport Utility Enterprise
United U-081 Channel Islands Beach Community Services District PWA Approved
United U-082 City of Fillmore UWMP
United U-083 City of Port Huenme UWMP
United U-084 Cloverdale Mutual Water Company
United U-086 Community Mutual Water Company
United U-087 Cypress Mutual Water Company
United U-088 Sunshine Trailer Park
United U-089 Dempsey Road Mutual Water Company
United U-091 Seacoast Cooling
United U-092 Elkins Ranch Company
United U-093 Evergreen Trailer Park
United U-094 Farmers Irrigation Company
United U-095 Fillmore Irrigationn Company
United U-096 Fillmore West Mobile Home Park
United U-097 Garden Acres Mutual Water Company PWA Approved Pending Infrastructrure Improvements
United U-099 Gelnnview Mobile Home Park
United U-101 Goodenough Mutual Water Company
United U-102 Hailwood, Inc.
United U-103 CB South
United U-104 Poinsettia Stock Farm
United U-106 Lake Piru Recreation Area
United U-107 Limoneira Associates
United U-108 Linda Vista Junior Academy
United U-109 Middle Road Mutual Water Company
United U-110 Montalvo Mutual Water Company
United U-111 Navalair Mobilehome Court
United U-112 Nyeland Acres Mutual Water Company
United U-113 Ocean View Mutual Water Company
United U-114 Ocean View School District (Laguna Vista School)
United U-115 Oxnard Lemon Mutual Water Company
United U-120 Pleasant Valley Community Water District
United U-121 Rio Manor Mutal Water Company
United U-122 Rio Plaza Water Company
United U-123 Rio Real/ Rio Del Valle Schools
United U-126 San Cayetano Mutal Water Company In Review
United U-127 City of Santa Paula UWMP
United U-128 Saviers Road Mutual Water Company
United U-130 Silver Wheel Ranch Mobile Home Park
United U-131 South Mountain Mutual Water Company
United U-132 Southside Improvement Co.
United U-133 Storke Mutal Water Company
United U-134 Strickland Mutual Water Company PWA Approved Pending Infrastructrure Improvements
United U-135 Teague-McKevett Co – Limoneira
United U-136 Termal Belt Mutual Water Company
United U-137 Thomas Aquainas College
United U-138 Timber Canyon Mutual Water Company
United U-139 Tobock Ranch Mutual Water Company PWA Approved
United U-140 U.S.N.A.S. – Point Mugu
United U-141 U.S.N.C.B.C. – Port Hueneme
United U-142 United Water Conservation District UWMP
United U-144 VCWD No. 16 – Piru
United U-145 G.P. Resources
United U-146 Ventura School
United U-147 Vineyard Avenue Acres Mutual Water Company
United U-148 Mutual Water Company of Vineyard Ave Estates PWA Approved
United U-149 Vineyard Mutual Water Company PWA Approved
United U-150 Warring Water Service PWA Approved Pending Infrastructrure Improvements
United U-181 Piru Mutual Water Company
United U-183 Ventura County Property Administrator
United U-184 Ventura County Dept. of Airports
United U-185 Hardscabble Mutual Water Company
United U-186 Sespe Agricultural Water
United U-187 Guadalasca Mutual Water Company
United U-191 Santa Clairta High School
United U-192 Citrus Mutual Water Company
United U-200 Lloyd-Butler Mutual Water Company
United U-201 Oxnard Mutual Water Company
United U-202 Rancho Sespe Workers Improvement Association
United U-203 Toland Road Water System
United U-204 Thornhill Mutual Water Company
United U-205 Santa Clara Resources In Review
United U-206 Houweling’s Nursery
United U-207 Pyramid Flowers
United U-208 Saticoy Country Club In Review
United U-209 Vujovich Ranch
United U-210 Bouquet Multimedia
N/A W-152 Antelope Valley – East Kern Water Agency UWMP
N/A W-153 Wilshire Blvd Temple Camps & Conference Center
N/A W-154 Camp Scheideck Lodge
N/A W-155 Camp Three Falls – BSA
N/A W-156 Castaic Lake Water Agency Santa Clarita Water Div UWMP
N/A W-157 Channel Islands National Monument
N/A W-158 Chuchupate Campground
N/A W-159 Chuchupate Range Station
N/A W-160 Compton Hunting and Fishing Club
N/A W-163 Hidden Valley Mutual Water District
N/A W-164 Lazy J. Ranch
N/A W-166 Circle X Ranch
N/A W-168 New Camp Bartlett
N/A W-170 Ozena Ranger Station
N/A W-171 Pine Mountain Inn
N/A W-174 Sweetwater Springs Ranch
N/A W-178 Yerba Buena Water Company PWA Approved
N/A W-182 U.S. Navy – San Nicolas Island
N/A W-188 Point Mugu State Park
N/A W-193 Lake of the Woods Mutual Water Company
N/A W-194 Ozena Valley Sportsmans Club

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