Districts 1 & 19

Requests for agricultural water service must comply with District classification Rule 1-C-3 (b):

“Agricultural” – customer that receives water service to a parcel of land that uses water exclusively for the:

  • Growing of crops for human consumption or commercial purposes
  • Raising of fowl or livestock for human consumptions or commercial purposes
  • Commercial breeding and training of horses for sale, including training for racing

Agricultural use excludes water used for commercial or non-commercial boarding or riding facilities, stables, equestrian centers, show arenas or event centers, or other similar facilities or operations.

  • For WWD No. 1, the serviced parcel of land must be at least five (5) acres
  • For WWD No. 19, the serviced parcel of land must be at least one (1) acre

Requests for agricultural service connections must comply with District classification Rule 1-H-2a:

  • Water used for agricultural purposes shall be separately metered
  • Agricultural water service may be discontinued, with a 30 days’ notice, at the option of the District
  • Agricultural service connection shall not be used to supply adjoining property of a different owner


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