The County of Ventura has developed standards and manuals to be applied by those developing products and performing work for the County.  In addition to its own County developed standards, a variety of State, agency, district, and other organizational standards may be referenced in County documents.  Links to many of those sources are provided below:


Newly Revised County Manuals

Ventura County Road Standards

Ventura County Waterworks Manual – 2nd Edition

Project Processing and Procedures Manual – Ventura County

Ventura County Standard Specifications (VCSS)

County Manuals and Standards

Ventura County Sewerage Manual

Ventura County Bond Book

Standard Land Development Specification

Ventura County Building & Safety Permit Information and Handouts

Ventura County Land Development Manual

Ventura County Landscape Design Criteria

Watershed Protection District Design Manual (VCFD)

State and Other Manuals

Standard Plans and Specifications for Public Works Construction-The Greenbook

Wetland Project Permitting Guide

California Building Standards Code

Caltrans Manuals