The Hall of Administration is currently open to the public and Land Development Services is currently receiving customers at our counter. Please follow social distancing and appropriate safety precautions while visiting our counter. Please contact our division about procedures while visiting the counter at or call at (805) 654-3027.

Land Development Services is within the Public Works Agency’s Engineering Services Division. The permits we issue are for grading and floodplain development. We provide engineering services, including geotechnical report reviews, construction inspections, flood hazards, CEQA determinations, and acreage assessments for new subdivision and single lot improvements within the unincorporated County areas.

We provide engineering services to other County divisions such as Planning and Building and Safety with review of geotechnical, geologic, floodplain, hydrology and hydraulic reports with respect to development projects. We also provide services for capital improvements for other County Divisions including Construction Inspection Services, and project engineering review as necessary.

We are responsible for enforcement of the Grading Code and Floodplain Ordinance.We would be glad to answer your land development questions in person, by phone, or by e-mail regarding grading, local geology and geologic hazards, development within a FEMA designated floodplain, site work improvements, and fees associated with our services.

Our Public Works Counter is located in the Hall of Administration at the top of the escalator. A helpful phone tree for the Division is available at (805) 654-2030.

Office Hours
Monday- Friday
8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

To research geologic hazards and other Land Use Information use County View.


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