Bid DateSpec No.Project NameSupervisorial District
08/29/19WP19-15Calleguas Creek Mitigation Site MaintenanceDistr. 3
07/30/19RD19-02Potrero Road Bike Lanes - Phase IDistr. 2
07/23/19RD19-18Sespe Street & Pasadena Ave Bike LanesDistr. 3
07/16/19RD19-15Pavement Resurfacing - Mira Monte AreaDistr. 1
07/09/19RD19-12Pavement Resurfacing - Del Norte & Oxnard West AreasDistr. 1, 5
06/26/19CP12-06Ojai Fire Station No. 20Distr. 1
06/25/19RD19-14(I)Bus Stop Improvements - Piru AreaDistr. 3
06/04/19RD11-19(I)Bike Lane Retrofit ProjectDistr. 1, 2, 3, 5
05/30/19WP19-12Arroyo Simi Habitiat MitigationDistr. 4
05/23/19WP19-10(I)tsumas Creek Restoration Site MaintenanceDistr. 3
05/16/19RD19-06Central Avenue Pedestrian ImprovementsDistr. 5
05/14/19CP19-01VCMC Outpatient Pharmacy RemodelDistr. 1
05/07/19RD19-10Pavement Resurfacing Yerba Buena AreasDistr. 2
04/18/19WP19-09(i)Kadota Fig Maintenance Access ImprovementDistr. 4
04/11/19WP19-08(i)Matilija Creek Giant Reed RetreatmentDistr. 1
04/02/19WP19-07Piru Stormwater Capture for Groundwater RechargeDistr. 3
03/27/19CP19-03(i)Solid Waste Disposal at Torrey RoadDistr. 3
03/26/19RD19-07Pavement Resurfacing - Yerba Buena -Hidden Valley AreasDistr. 2
01/31/19RD19-05Pavement Resurfacing-Box Canyon RoadDistr. 4
01/29/19RD19-04Yerba Buena Area GuardrailsDistr. 2
01/24/19WP19-06Arroyo Conejo North Fork Repairs Upstream of Keats Ave.Distr. 4
11/15/18WP19-05Underground Stormwater Facility Inspect 2018Distr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
11/14/18WP19-04Arroyo Simi Upstream of Erringer Rd. Drop Structure RepairDistr. 4
08/30/18WP19-03Arundell Barr. Hydraulic Deficiency ImprovementDistr. 3
08/28/18RD19-01Pavement Resurfacing - La Conchita Area ProjectDistr. 1
08/08/18WP19-02(i)Calleguas Creek Upland Site Maintenance ProjectDistr. 3
07/19/18WP19-01(i)Matilija Creek Giant Reed Retreatment ProjectDistr. 1
07/17/18WP18-15(i)V-11 Ventura River Retreatment Nos. 9-11Distr. 1
07/12/18RD18-03Pavement Resurfacing - H. Vlly, YB. Sta Sna AreasDistr. 2, 4
06/26/18WP18-14(i)Calleguas Creek Widening Site Maintenance ProjectDistr. 3
05/23/18RD18-05Kenney Street Pedestrian ImprovementsDistr. 5
05/17/18RD18-04Camarillo Heights Pedestrian Improvements ProjectsDistr. 3
05/15/18WP18-01Arroyo Conejo North Fork Repairs Upstream KeatsDistr. 2
05/08/18WP18-07Fresno Canyon DiversionDistr 1
03/07/18WP18-06(i)Tsumas Creek Restoration Site Maintenance ProjectDistr 3
02/13/18WP18-05Arroyo Simi Mitigation Planting & Maintenance ProjectDistr 4
01/23/18WP18-04(i)Fresno Canyon Diversion Vegetation RemovalDistr 1



Publicly bid contracts over $175,000 and negotiated contracts over $100,000 are awarded by the Board of Supervisors usually 3 to 4 weeks after bids are received though, in some cases, they can be awarded as early as the next day when the Board has authorized this by an earlier action.

Smaller contracts are usually awarded within a week after bidding. You can view awarded contracts here.

Right-of-way, environmental, funding, utility interference and other problems may affect the timing.