Using the eBidBoard website.

To view, download or print a specification, plans ,or other project documents:

1.  Click on the Project Name you are interested in.

2.  Scroll down to the Docs / Specs section on the project page, then


a.      Click on “Register as a document holder” link, or

b.      In the “Document Name” column, click on the deisred document.

3. Then on the Document Holder page you will see in the lower right corner the “Continue to Download” link. Click on it.

4. You will now see the project documents list with links for downloading them in the “File Name” column.

5. Click on the file name of your desired document and it will display as a PDF file that you can copy or print.

To print the Document Holder’s list for a project:

1.  Click on the Project Name you are interested in.

2.  Scroll down to the Docs / Specs section and click on either.

a. The “Register as a document holder” link or

b. A “Document Name”

3.This will take you to the Document Holder page.

4.  To print a list with phone numbers, select (highlight) the entries on the

screen, then File Print, choose Selection, Print.

To add your name to the Document holder’s list for a project:

1.  Click on the Project Name.

2.     Scroll down to the Docs / Specs. section of the project page.

3.      Click on “Register as a document holder“ link at the top left.

4.   Then click on the “Register as a document holder” blue button.

5.      Fill in form and click on “Add” at bottom of page.

If you think your name might be in the database, click on “Search”,

and if the name is there the form can be filled in automatically.

6.   Close eBidBoard and open it again to see that the name was added.

It may be necessary to refresh the screen (Press F5 with Internet Explorer).

Check the entries to see if any corrections are required.


a.      Only companies or persons on the document holder’s list will be notified of Addendum.

b.      Listing on the document holder’s list is not required to bid, however failure to acknowledge an addendum on the bid form may result in the rejection of the bid.

c.       Bids may be made on downloaded or purchased Proposal form.